Downloading console game of life

Welcome to Console Game of Life! Download the terminal-based version of the classic Game of Life and enjoy the simulation right in your command line.


Linux bash/zsh

Run the following command. Click here to copy

mkdir cgol_install_temp && cd cgol_install_temp && wget -O && chmod +x && ./ && cd .. && rm -rf cgol_install_temp

The command will download the installer and run the installer


For windows you will have to add it to your path environment variable

  1. Download the binary and place it on your computer in the location you would like to install it, for example "C:\Program Files\cgol"
  2. Right-click the start button
  3. Select "System" from the menu
  4. Click "Advanced system settings"
  5. Go the "Advanced" tab
  6. Click "Environment Variables..."
  7. Click the variable named "Path"
  8. Click 'Edit'
  9. Click 'New'
  10. Add the path to the installation location. For example "C:\Program Files\cgol"

Run without installing


Download the program

wget -O cgol

Then we make it executable

chmod +x cgol

Finally we run the application



Download the program, open terminal and type

wget -O cgol.exe

Run the application

start cgol.exe

Build from source code

Clone the repository

git clone

Enter the new folder with the repository

cd console-game-of-life

Build the project

cargo build --release

Run it




start ./target/release/conways-game-of-life.exe

Just the binary

Note: The application must be started from the terminal in order to work


  • cgol.exe
  • Linux

  • cgol